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Brave New Blog: Greece’s economic grave has already been dug, all we are doing is making it shallower.

Hello, I’m Frank Boorman, and you appear to have stumbled upon my brand new blog. I used to own one called “To Be Frank” but I forgot my details and it was lost forever in the mists of time. Now, for those who don’t know me (I.E. Most of you) I am 12 years old, and my hobbies include electric guitar, Warhammer, computer games, and politics. Today I will be talking about the last one. Anyone with a slight political understanding will know that the Euro zone is in a HUGE CRISIS over all it’s money problems, especially Greece. What I don’t understand is despite the fact that as a nation we have very little money as it is, we are still spending loads trying to help Greece out of it’s seemingly endless debt. But why? Some of you may call me selfish, or a stupid little kid. I’m just trying to be honest here. The west is generally populated by Capitalist countries. In a Capitalist country, you have to look back to very basic scientific theory. By this I mean survival of the fittest. Greece is definitely going to collapse under economic pressure, there is nothing stopping that. But if we continue to pay more and more money to them, they’ll drag us down with us. A wonderful cartoon in this week’s Private Eye depicted Angela Merkel disguised as an Olympic Priestess on Mount Olympia burning Greece’s bailout deal with the Olympic torch. There was also an article in today’s Sun entitled “We’re the best looking pig in the Euro zone slaughterhouse.” Bravo to whoever thought that one up. We have our own country, we are in a better economic state than the rest of Europe, we have so many reasons to split from the Euro zone, or as the Sun would probably call it, “Escape the slaughterhouse.” Our country is pretty much being run by men in expensive suits in Brussels, and because of it, there’s been uproar over the fact that they let the matter of hate preacher Abu Qatada stay in the country for 10 long years. We should have just let the Cockneys get hold of him.

So, let’s split from the Euro zone! Also from Private Eye,  it’s all of us against Germany! (Germany wins on financial penalties, we’re next.)


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