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You’re addicted to that computer!


Recently I was scurrying around in the depths of Youtube when I came across a video from a Youtuber that I regularly watch in which he discussed “Video game addiction”. Then I thought “I must write a blog about this topic IMMEDIATELY!” so here you go: This is my opinion from the viewpoint of a reasonable and unbiased blogger (Yes I am!)

Anyone who can turn a computer on can pretty much figure out what “Computer addiction” means, it’s self-explanatory so I’ll just get to the point. “Addiction” isn’t a word I particularly like. It’s just so unnecessarily negative. If you do something that you enjoy as often as possible some people might label you as an addict. I use a computer a lot because it’s something I enjoy, but some people would say that I’m addicted. And they always say it like it’s a bad thing for some incomprehensible reason. I could quite easily state that you’re addicted to knitting, or Countdown, so to be honest saying something is addicted to something is quite hypocritical.

Being “addicted” to a computer is frowned upon by a fair few people, and they act like it’s whoever’s “addicted”‘s fault, but it’s not! Technology is becoming more and more prevalent in modern society, we rely on it to do most things because they’re designed to do things better than normal people so that they don’t have to.

Furthermore, nobody says that people are addicted to sport. They follow an almost religious training regime and people just cheer them on and say that it’s good for you. Reasonable amounts of exercise is good, but doing loads of it day after day after day? Sure, you’ll be fit and healthy, but later in life all you’ll get from it is bad knees.

I’ve learned quite a few things from computers. Sadly, this hasn’t worked both ways. In other words, computers still haven’t learned how to be relatively RELIABLE.My reaction times are fast, you can obtain this from sport as well but we’ve moved from sports now! I can type fast which I could apply to a job in lots of things e.g. accounting and writing. Also I’ve got so much information that I can access faster than Usain Bolt finishing the 100 meter sprint. (If you haven’t guessed already, I take a very academic approach to life which means I generally shun sports because I don’t really see how they can keep society turning like the (mostly) well-oiled machine that it is.).

In conclusion, addiction isn’t really the word to be used in most situations (Don’t even bring narcotics into this) and you will probably learn more general information on a computer than on a football pitch.

You are now free to send me emails complaining that football teaches you teamwork and that I’ll end up being unfit and lazy. But make sure you buy some three for one oil afterwards, you robot!



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