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Frank’s Top 5 Most Wanted Games of 2012/2013!

I was flicking through my GamesMaster magazine and considering what to write about today when I suddenly thought up the idea of doing a list on upcoming titles I really really want to play when they come out. So, seeing as you all came for the list, here it is!

5: Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Black Ops II

I never thought I would say this, but I’m actually looking forward to a Modern Warfare game. The new weapons, drones etc. look like great fun to play with, and the new perk system looks like it will keep things relatively fair so my brains will stay in my skull for a precious few seconds longer than they normally would. The game keeps the same formula of RUNNY SHOOTY KILLY and sadly the same colour palettes as before (Brown and grey… ugh.). Hopefully the campaign will be a bit longer and with a more believable plot instead of Russia invades EVERYTHING AT THE EXACT SAME TIME!!! I might even get into the multiplayer, as long as I keep everybody MUTED.

4: Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike: GO is essentially counter strike except with improved graphics, new gamemodes, new weapons and in general much more polish. It’s still the same frantic, fast-paced, FPS that I fell in love with. And with the shiny new hardware that’s brought the game up to date, it’s definitely one to watch.

3: Assassin’s Creed III

Assassin’s Creed III is the fifth game in the Assassin’s Creed series due to the fact that Ubisoft still don’t know how NUMBERS WORK. The game is set in the US during the American Revolution, which is a nice change from the Middle East/The Mediterranean settings which constantly feature in the series. New features include  running through the trees, which looks very fluid and innovative, a detachable blade, a bow and an improvised noose, as if the original hidden blade, sword, halberd, mace, crossbow, poisoned dagger, poisoned darts, bombs, hook, other hidden blade, and GUN wasn’t enough for you.  So I’m generally looking forward to the fresh new setting and overhauled climbing system, as long as we don’t have to play as FUTURE DESMOND too much.

2: Dishonored

Dishonored is a new Sci-fi First Person stealth assassin-’em-up that looks like what would happen if Agent 47 from Hitman accidentally got sucked into Half-life 2. Sword fighting and firefights look visceral and fluid, powers seem balanced and make me conjure up all sorts of mischievous plans for all kind of destruction and sneakyness. The game looks brilliant and I simply can’t wait.

And now… My most wanted game is…

1: Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is the sequel to Borderlands, as one might expect. I played the first Borderlands for a bit, but I’ve heard good things about some bosses near the end of the game, specifically the Rakk Hive. Personally I doubt I would manage it because Rakk’s remind me of CLIFF RACERS far too much. Now, everything in Borderlands 2 has been vastly improved. Guns are a LOT more powerful and varied, No more random “Kill x of x” or “Gather x of x” quests. Assassin Zero looks like the most appealing to play to me, with stealth and sniping elements skipping hand in hand through an Idyllic meadow. I absolutely LOVE the new Antagonist, Handsome Jack. He’s so incredibly sarcastic it just amuses me beyond compare. Developers say that he’ll be a character that you’ll love but want to kill him at the same time, which sounds brilliant. Finally, Claptrap. ‘Nuff said.

So that’s my most wanted games at the moment. Feel free to leave a comment if you agree with me and enjoyed the article, or if you didn’t and why.



One response to “Frank’s Top 5 Most Wanted Games of 2012/2013!

  1. Pity you left out FIFA13, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Dead or Alive 5, the new Medal of Honor… and the biggest heresy of all, no place for Halo 4… how could you? 😉

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