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Frank Talks About Games (Again): Faster than Light!

Faster than Light is an indie spaceship-em-up from Subset Games that absolutely SMASHED it’s Kickstarter target by 2000%! Basically you as Holly on a Federation (Good guys) spaceship carrying data vital to the survival of the Federation. Seems simply enough, get from point A to point B, deliver information, job done! But nothing is that easy. First things first, there are Rebels, Pirates, seriously angry Space Slugs etc. throughout the galaxy. You’ll also have to conserve resources. Oh yeah, and there’s the massive rebel fleet full of elite fighters and massive, heavily armed cruisers. that’s always one step behind you.

It’s absolutely brilliant. Since I got it yesterday, I’ve accidentally played about 17 hours of it, which will probably have shot up by the time you read this post. It gets really frantic sometimes, and you’re forced to make hard decisions like if you’re going to send Captain Expendable, Sergeant Redshirt or Private Scrub to patch up the gaping hole in the side of the USS Cannonfodder’s hull. It never fails to excite me and it’s got an AMAZING soundtrack, especially in the Rockman sectors. That music killed Sergeant Redshirt…

Every game you play is completely different thanks to it all being randomly generated. Which adds to the sometimes preposterously unfair difficulty… Achievements are what achievements should be, really hard things that you wouldn’t really do normally such as using Ion Weaponry to disable four of an enemy ship’s systems at the same time rather than opening up the game and immediately being told “CONGRATULATIONS, HAVE A STICKER!” in a slightly patronizing voice. Also, once you’re dead, you stay dead. The USS Cannonfodder will not appear at the nearest checkpoint, and will be lost in the depths of the game files until you inevitably click “New Game” and give everyone the same names then weep quietly when they get destroyed by a solar flare or eaten by giant alien mantis-thingy (again) because you got too attached, you ponce!

A word of warning here: You WILL die lots. There’s always a ship who’s immense shields render your puny lasers useless or a Rockman that beams onto your ship without warning and starts smashing up all the little squishy humans that might as well be trying to kill it with a water pistol.  But dying is half of the fun, unless you catch aforementioned “Too attached to identical characters in a computer game syndrome” and become dangerously self-loathing because you forgot to turn the oxygen on again! Which brings me to my final point, FOR THE IDENTICAL CLONES ON THAT LITTLE SHIP’S SAKE, TURN THE OXYGEN BACK ON, YOU MONSTER!

In conclusion, Faster than Light is a fun little 2D Spaceship micromanagement simulator, which you will never leave. Ever. Get the game at!



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