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Frank Judges: XCOM: Unknown Enemy Demo!


XCOM: Enemy Unknown is the latest game in the XCOM series and I recently got hold of the demo and I had a little play. The game includes two levels. The first is a hand-holdy one that tells you how to play but surprisingly kills off four of your five troopers, leaving one alive. My lone survivor was an Israelite Heavy weapons specialist, which is surprising because they killed the American. The graphics are pretty good and character models, especially the aliens, was very good. My only complaint was that my support woman went and checked out a corpse. It went into cutscene mode and her eyes were awful.

The second began with just showing you little things like why height advantages are important and how to open doors quietly and then said to me “Hang on is that the time? OH GOD GO! RUN! FIGHT! KILL ALIENS!” With the urgency of orphans hiding under their beds because Madonna showed up outside with a net. The cover system was interesting, with two types of cover: Full cover such as walls, and half covers like boxes. The levels appear to be set in the land of chest-high walls, with boxes and cars everywhere. Things heat up quite quickly during the combat. Each squad member has different abilities: Snipers that can fire form long range, heavy weapons specialists with rocket launchers and machine guns etc. which gets that strategy part of my brain whirring. I breezed through the second level with only a chip on my Assault trooper’s armour.

There’s also a slightly dull micro-management base thingy going on which is basically just “DO YOU WANT MORE SCIENTISTS OR MORE MONEY” or “DO YOU WANT ALIEN WEAPONS OR ARMOUR”. So overall, the demo shows off the wonderfully designed enemies and mechanics very well, and I may look into playing and reviewing it when I comes out.



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